B’s New Wave Style


Beyonce’s style has continually evolved since her Destiny’s Child heydey. When she first came out in the nineties as lead singer of the all-girl group, she had a tacky style, not very unique or interesting. In fact, her mother was (and probably still is) designing all of the looks and costumes.





Although the frilly, glittery, matching ensembles made them look more like a Disney gang (i.e. Cheetah Girls, yuck!) than a hot, young R&B sensation on the rise, Beyonce always made sure her outfit was a little bit different, and noticeably sexier, so that she stood front and center.


Beyonce says over-the-top Sasha Fierce (her newly dubbed alter ego on the album, I Am… Sasha Fierce) is the opposite of her personality, thus the dramatic new look. Describing her current style as “graphic and more focused on things that feel more modern and chic,” I would definietly agree, her taste level has been “upgraded”!



Wearing a Roland Mouret dress in NYC.


Garreth Pugh designs and Lorraine Schwartz titanium glove.


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