Birkenstock truly is Das Original

"The Arizona", the sandal that started it all!

"The Arizona", the sandal that started it all!


The name Birkenstock brings back memories of my hippie grandparents in their matching pairs of leather-bottomed, arch-supporting sandals. (Literally, the ONLY shoes they ever wear, to this day!) Insisting they were comfortable, they bought me my first pair at 9 years old. Although I did like the feel of the butter-soft suede on my tootsies, my wide foot hung over the side and dug in, making them quite uncomfortable rather.

Today, Birkenstock continues their Green tradition with sandals made from biodegradable cork and earth-friendly adhesives…and in much trendier colors.


"The Gizeh" in Bright White.

Their new styles for spring, “The Gizeh” and “The Madrid”, come in a rainbow of cool colors like Striking Purple, Peridot Green, and Liquid Silver. These new non-leather styles are made of Birko Flor®, a material developed by Birkenstock as an alternative to leather. It is made of acrylic and polyamide felt fibers, and feels NOTHING like the real thing, although it’s supposed to. And they even look cheaper than Das good’ol originals I remember from my tree-hugging youth.

"The Madrid" in Cherry Red.

"The Madrid" in Cherry Red.

I guess comfort and quality must be sacrificed for style and eco-responsibility. Oh well, grandma, I’ll still get you your “Arizonas” for Christmas. 


One Response to “Birkenstock truly is Das Original”

  1. As a true Hippy, I have always resented our chosen footwear. It is NOT cute or all *that* comfortable! Le sigh…

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