Lacoste much?


Walk the plank in the "Cabestan CC"

Lacoste is known for their preppy attire, and their shoes prove to be no different. Even the sportier versions border on nerdy. The epitome of Lacoste’s clean cut image lies in the Cabestan CC, seen on yacht decks and Hamptonites everywhere. This nautical-inspired boat shoe acts as a barrier between the normal and the yuppies of the world. Every young man who aspires to live in Capri with their trophy wife named Candy needs a pair.

Beside the wanker factor involved, these shoes are said to be the ultimate in comfort. Made of supple, super-soft leather – even the laces are a smooth raw hide – with a rubber sole, and EVA footbed for extra comfort, this footwear style is a timeless classic at the rip-off price of just $125.00

So if you don’t mind looking like Carlton from Fresh Prince, go ‘head wit your bad self, but don’t be surprised if someone invites you to join their country club.


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