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Valentino: The Last Emperor of the Glam Dynasty

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 Valentino is one of the most iconic and influential women’s fashion designers of the last fifty years. This year the world was honored with the release of the first documentary delving behind the scenes into the life of a legend, and “the man behind the throne”. Valentino: The Last Emporer will make you laugh, make you cry, and make you want to get a pug.


Director Matt Tyrnauer, Giancarlo Giammetti, and Valentino at the premiere.

 The director, Matt Tyrnauer, was gracious enough to come to the Academy and discuss the blood and sweat that went into making his first film. Tyrnauer has been a journalist with Vanity Fair for 17 years, and first became intrigued by Valentino when he was dispatched to Rome to do a story on him in 2004. The Last Emperor has been a project almost two and a half years in the making, with over 270 hours of footage that was shot. First premiering at the Venice Film Festival, it is an independent film, and as Tyranuer puts it, “an observational film…into the greatest partnership in fashion history.”


"The 5 M's" always travel in style.

 And, no I’m not talking about the dogs, although they are as much a part of Valentino’s life, and the film, as is fashion. I’m referring to Giancarlo Giammetti, Valentino’s business partner and companion for over 45 years. Truly a patient and loyal man, Giancarlo is the bread to Valentino’s glamorous apple butter. And as much as Valentino hates to admit, he is not the sole star of the film, as Giancarlo emerges as the rock behind the empire. As Oprah stated, this film is “a love story,” a passionate and emotional look into what it takes to make a relationship last the test of time. 


Valentino and Giancarlo debating over the infamous "white dress"

Valentino: The Last Emperor is now showing in over 30 cities around the globe, and soon to be released on DVD with loads of hilarious extra footage. The ultimate diva himself, a genius of “couture royalty,” Valentino finally takes center stage, just where he belongs.

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H is for Hottie!

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Photo by James White for Esquire Magazine

Miss Hilary Swank, the darling of the red carpet, is no stranger to being hot and sexy. With numerous steamy fashion editorials, a plethora of hot numbers worn at various award shows, and the killer bod to prove it, there is no denying the girl is bad! 


Hilary Swank receives Humanitarian Award for her role in Freedom Writers. Photo courtesy of

Body like a gazelle.

Body like a gazelle. Photo by Norman Jean Roy for Vanity Fair Magazine

Since splitting with nerdy hubby Chad Lowe, the hotness factor of Swank has increased thrice-fold.

Hilary and Chad split after eight years of marriage.

Hilary and Chad split after eight years of marriage. Photo courtesy of

Who Watches the WATCHMEN?

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Graphic novels that are subsequently made into blockbuster movies, such as WATCHMEN and SIN CITY, are completely mesmerizing and totally gory all at the same time. Needless to say, when I went and saw WATCHMEN on Friday, I was utterly fascinated. Although the entire movie ran tediously long, at 2 hours and 45 minutes, every scene managed to be a culmination of the last.  Director Zack Snyder, who also directed 300, was a perfect match for this genre of film and helped to make the movie all the more intense.


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The original “minutemen” consisted of (L-R) Silhouette, Mothman, Dollar Bill, Nite Owl, Captain Metropolis, The Comedian (kneeling), Silk Spectre, and Hooded Justice. The novel tells the history of the rise and fall of a group of masked vigilante superheroes as they come together to fight the injustice in the world, and what happens after their “kind” is banned. So, to make sense of the character development, the makers of this movie had a task on their hands.  As each lead character lives in a unique universe that must be thoroughly fleshed out, the devil is truly in the details.


Photo courtesy of SYREN

The astonishing costumes for WATCHMEN were designed by Michael Wilkinson, with the latex designs being fabricated by L.A. based Syren Couture. I also was in love with the gold, winged and geometric, 80’s style earrings worn by a few of the female characters, such as Laurie and Veidt’s assistant.


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Overall, this movie is one film that is not to be missed, although, now I’m wishing I would have seen it in IMAX. Can you imagine a better movie to see in IMAX? Especially the scene with Laurie and Dan making love inside their futuristic rocket, with a view of the full moon out the window. HOT!

This film truly has something for everyone, so even if superheroes and action-packed violence is not your thing, it’s sure to entice the senses. GO SEE IT!

(P.S. I shall henceforth be known as Satyn Spectre – you love it, don’t you?!)