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FOR RENT: Borrowing A Piece of the Past

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On a recent trip to the Prop Co-op, which is located just outside San Francisco, I witnessed the most amazing collection of vintage furniture, accessories, housewares, and odds-and-ends that I have ever seen in my life. Every item, from the minutest trinket to massive furniture and set scenery,  is available to rent for use in various productions like photo shoots or movies. As I hopped off the bus and snapped a picture, I could see the fun spewing out from a large, open warehouse door.


Upon entering, I was warned not to be too loud or I may upset the warehouse manager, Cinque’ Marshall, who prefers patrons to use library voices while inside his cavern of collectibles. The inside was a large Costco-style warehouse, with aisle upon aisle of giant shelves stacked with treasures, also lined much like the stacks of a library. But the biblio-vibe ended there as I was set loose in the enourmous, and slightly creepy, maze of wonder.


 Mannequins sat akwardly posed into scenes, amongst rows and rows of toys, suitcases, throwback election buttons, suits of armor, traffic cones, watering cans, telephones, wagons, couches, and anything else your little heart desires. I meandered the towering shelves, stopping to try on a few funky hats and sunglasses that probably date back to 1960.


And if you get hungry during all of your arduous browsing, they even have the cutest mini Pringles dispenser machine, conveniently situated next to a comfy couch, so you can purchase a snack and have a rest.                                     img_05261

Known for their amazingly realistic sets and scenery, the Prop Co-op is the largest prop warehouse in Northern California, and is often frequented by Hollywood movie makers working on a film. Most recently, the Prop Co-op supplied all the authentic vintage props and accessories for the Oscar-winning film Milk

The Prop Co-op is located at 80 Industrial Way in Brisbane, California. They are open Monday through Friday from 9AM to 5PM. View them on the web at or call 415-468-7767.


Mannequins Put Actors Out of Work

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 Now I know we are in a recession and all, but it becomes apparent that times are really dire when even bargain-buy places like OLD NAVY have to abandon their showy, song-and-dance commercials, filled with actors and extras, for a much more cost-efficient concept. I can’t decide if it’s thrifty, or just cheesy and cheap. Either way, the SuperModelquins are growing on me.