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One Question…WHY?

Posted in Actors/Comedians, Designers, Fashion, Singers/Performers with tags , , , , , , , on May 4, 2009 by shapach

Please DO NOT commit these fashion faux-pas:

1. Solid colored suspenders are okay, but unless you are trying to look like Mork the Dork…NO MULTI-COLORED SUSPENDERS!


2. Wide-framed nerd glasses are a no-no. If Scarlett Johansson can’t even make these look good, forget about it!


3. I understand innovation and creativity in shoe design, but Marc Jacobs SS08 reverse-heel shoes were just plain ugly and weird. Not very comfortable either, I presume.


4. They were supposed to be a very fleeting phase, but to my dismay brands like Ed Hardy and Abercrombie are still proliferating the atrocity that is the Trucker Hat. FYI: If Paris wears it, you know it’s bad!


5.  The 90’s called and they want their cut-off shorts back! Don’t you celebs have enough money to get over this budget-friendly trend?



Street Styles Part Deux

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After some strenuous shopping, I needed a quenching pick me up, so I headed to the Starbucks on Park Ave. in Alameda. I walked in and ordered the most delicious shaken Passion Iced Tea Lemonade (it really just hit the spot, I do recommend) before quickly spotting trendy couple Raul and Maria posted up in the corner. Raul, a truck driver, had the most interesting mix of eclectic and urban styles. He sported a camo Bathing Ape shirt, one of his favorite labels, over a woven J. Crew with APC Denim jeans and flashy BAPE sneakers. Not surprisingly his favorite article of clothing is his grey Bathing Ape varsity jacket. His favorite place to shop is American Rag Denim Boutique, and he describes SF style as hipster, with a twist of expensive and trashy looks.