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Stivali Boot Jewelry

Posted in Designers, Fashion with tags , , on May 5, 2009 by shapach



Possibly the cutest and coolest idea I have seen in a long time, Stivali is a line of jewelry that accessorizes any drab old pair of boots. Created by MyLinh Tran, Stivali boot jewelry attaches to a pair of boots with a simple clasp or hook that clips right over the top of the boot, without damaging the material. Although currently just for boots, she is exploring other styles of shoes as well.

MyLinh came up with the idea for Stivali, meaning boots in Italian, while working as a fashion design intern at a children’s wear company in LA. She noticed that every part of the body has been accessorized with jewelry except the shoes. Boots are so plain, she thought, so why not jazz them up a bit? 

 Using materials such as gold plated chains, crystal beads, semi-precious stones and other decorations found at local craft stores, she began sketching and coming up with designs for her collection. After sourcing a prototype in China, she realized the turn around time was longer than she wanted, so she converted her dining room of her San Carlos home into a full-time jewelry studio. Storing all of her tools and materials in clearly labeled boxes helps her keep her studio organized, and makes it easier to find certain items when working on a design.

Originally thinking of calling the line M.Elle, after her initials, she decided on Stivali because it “had a better ring to it.” Hoping to officially launch her line of designs in fall, she has created a site on where shoppers can view designs and order customized creations. Eventually, MyLinh hopes to see Stivali in Aldo and shoe stores everywhere.